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Here you can keep up to date with the latest fixtures and results as well as all the latest news from the regions underage clubs. Browse through our photo gallery to see some of the action!


Clubs please note the U14s Fixtures scheduled for next  Wednesday are cancelled.

This allows Clubs to play outstanding games,or bring forward matches from next Saturday/ Sunday.

Therefore, all games scheduled up to and including 21st have to be played by this date or face

sanction from the League.


Fixtures Committee


If results or goalscorers are not up to date for your team it's because your team manager or club PRO has not texted info to 0872880824.Please remind them of this


The home and away teams must, prior to the beginning of each match, present to the referee for inspection a suitably sized and adequately inflated ‘match football’ – this was seen to be a major issue over the course of the season. Referees, in the interest of getting games played, applied this rule leniently over the course of the 2013/14 season. However it is the opinion of the LCRD committee that this rule should be enforced more strictly next season. The match card must be filled in by both teams before the half time break and signed by the team official in charge. Match cards must be completed with full Christian and Surnames of all players and reserves in block capitals – this was not thought to have been a major issue over the course of the season. Referees will continue to monitor/enforce this practice for next season. It has been agreed that no changes can be made to weekend scheduled fixtures after 12 noon on Thursdays – for the most part this new procedure has proven to be very positive especially for schoolboy fixtures. However there still remain major issues that need to be addressed with regard to the scheduling of schoolgirl fixtures (e.g. no official match cards). Some clubs are still making late changes to match venues without informing the Fixtures Secretary, travelling team and match official. It is the opinion of the LCRD committee that match officials should only travel to the venue on the match card unless informed by the Fixture Secretary by 12 noon on Thursday.


In order to keep Web site up to date managers and PROs are asked to text 0872880824 immediately after each game with result and goal scorers.If your teams result or goalscorers are not updated it is because your team manager or PRO has not complied with this request.You can also e mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


n order to keep Web site up to date managers and PROs are asked to text 0872880824 immediately after each game with result and goal scorers.

Your Club

This website provides information about each club that plays in the Limerick County & District League. Where possible we provide a map and a streetview of a clubs home ground to help those involved with visitng teams to locate the pitch. If you are associated with a club and would like to provide us with more information about the background of your club and an exact location of your home ground then please contact us. We will update your clubs page with the new information.


We want our gallery to feature images from all our affiliated clubs. What better way to achieve this than to allow the clubs themselves to add their own pictures!

If you are a club official and would like to be able to add pictures of your teams to our gallery then please don't hesitate to contact us. Adding pictures is easy and is a great way to highlight your clubs activities.


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